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Industrial Artwork


Lance’s Work

I love taking local area architectural photography and immortalizing landmarks that may not be around forever.

In addition, I believe the frame for a photograph can be more, becoming part of the art itself.

My custom framework evolved into an art utilizing salvaged and reclaimed materials. As a result, I create one-of-a-kind pieces every owner can proudly call their own.

Custom Framed Art

I create custom frames from salvaged and reclaimed materials I encounter through my other work. I arrange the materials in new and unique ways with every frame by marrying the material with the photograph utilizing wood, metal, glass, plaster, tin, plastic, and more.

When constructing a piece, I intentionally consider every detail, including layering, arrangement, hardware to set the image, and cutting-edge materials for printing the photos on.

I just finished installing my “Pabst Tied House” art installation down at a law firm located in the old boiler house of the Pabst campus- Milwaukee. The installation is comprised of local and Wisconsin area Pabst Tied Houses that are still standing. There are 8 images that make up the array. They are located in Milwaukee (3), Wauwatosa, Racine, Brillion, Stoughton, and Tomah. The Display runs for 32’ of the 60’ hallway. There are (6) 32”x32” images and (2) 36”x60” images. This is definitely the largest single art project I’ve ever done. I am very proud of it I want to thank Tim and Suzanne down at Ogletree Deakins for trusting me with this one- I think it turned out great!

Posted by Lance Thomas Industrial Artwork on Friday, December 21, 2018

Architectural Photography

I walk the streets of Milwaukee and other southeastern Wisconsin towns, looking for historical buildings and points of interest. Besides the grand architecture, I showcase the overlooked and simple, aspiring to show Milwaukee and Wisconsin to the world through my unique eye and camera lens.

Inspired Projects

A unique opportunity presents itself to try something new with my architectural photography or salvaged materials every once in a while.

For example, I created beer line coasters using photographs from historic Milwaukee breweries. In addition, I sometimes create works from salvaged materials only, including a lamp from a vintage glass globe, a coffee table, and custom framing for a sports memorabilia collection!

Milwaukee . Since 2012


Lance photo

My goal is to showcase the heart of each city I photograph with industrial materials, architectural imagery and creativity.

I walk the street with my camera and spend time in the alleys and the dark corners. Afterward, I choose and highlight the images that add character and depth to the city, building one-of-a-kind frames using mostly reclaimed or salvaged materials.

I started this process in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2012 and have since brought this philosophy to my hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I plan to expand to other cities in the future as well as add to existing city collections.

Capturing buildings, breweries, doors, windows, signs and all the little things that make a city unique.


Endless Creativity

“I am constantly amazed by Lance’s creativity and eye to make nothing into something extraordinary! His photography captures a unique, forgotten view of old architectural details (and occasionally other vintage subjects like this rusty car). Paired with a one-of-a-kind custom-built frame from salvaged industrial materials – wood, glass, and/or metal, his images really shine. My piece hangs in my office and inspires me to look at things from new angles and different perspectives.”

Helen K


Lance is a True Artist

“We saw a stunning photograph of Milwaukee’s City Hall at an art festival last summer.  The picture itself was captivating – but the way it was mounted, in a rustic, industrial-chic frame – made it truly one of a kind.   I’ve since commissioned three additional pieces, and have been equally as thrilled with every creation.  Lance is a true artist.”

Kiki, Milwaukee’s Third Ward

Little Milwaukee Blog

My blog highlights a few of my new photography, works, and projects. As my body of work grows and evolves, some of the new works get lost in the shuffle. Here are some of the things I am working on now.

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